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nycmusicscene's Journal

The Big Apple's Boombox
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Living in - what is likely - the world's most vibrant music community, it's hard to keep track of everything music that's going on around the 5 burroughs. That's where nycmusicscene comes in!

Here's your chance to let other New Yorkers what music, local bands, haunts and stages you love! Musicians, fellow listeners, learners and appreciators are welcome to contribute!

Community Rules
This is a place for everyone to enjoy themselves; thus some ground rules to keep the enjoyment

  • Harassment and overtly offensive content will not be tolerated, in any form
  • Posts must be related to NYC and/or the NYC music scene
  • Posts must have comments enabled, or face removal
  • Post in the present time as to not place and KEEP your post at the top of the list for longer than the next new post.
  • If your post contains A LOT of information (content, photos, etc), use an LJ-cut
  • Advertising related events/concerts/bars/lessons/forming bands is fine, however, execessive/spam advertising will be monitored against.
  • X-posting is OK; however, keep in mind members of this community are likely members of other New York City Communities listed on this page. You're highly encouraged to post where appropriate, and x-post only when absolutely necessary.
  • According to LJ policy, promoting or providing illegal activity is prohibited. Please read Livejournal Terms of Service for more information.
  • Member privileges (posting & commenting) will be revoked if the community deems it appropriate.

Posting with Tags!
While not required, it makes our community so much easier to live in, please use of the following tags in your posts:

bronx, brooklyn, call for artists, call for musicians, ep release, extra ticket, launch party, live show, lp release, manhattan, meetup, mod stuff, new jersey, queens, radio, review, staten island, ticket request, tour

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Suggestions or Additions?
Contact your mods, slyseekr and red_light.